Using detector rails

November 25, 2022

Using detector rails

There are many types of minecarts and rails in Minecraft. Standard rails allow minecarts to continue rolling through the tracks at any speed. They will not stop or accelerate them.

If activated with redstone power, powered rails will give the minecart an important speed boost. The activator rails can cause items and players to be ejected from the minecart and then fall off.

The detector rail is the last type of rail in Minecraft. This rail is unique and has a particular function. By emitting a surge of power, detector rails can be used to power other redstone devices. Here's how you can use one.

Make and use detector rails in Minecraft

The detector rail can detect when minecarts pass over it and determine how many items are inside. Redstone pulses are stronger when there are more items than they emit. Six detector rails will be made using six iron ingots and redstone dust.

Minecraft players will need to build a railroad in order to make this work. The best one will be circular, as circular as Minecraft can allow. To ensure that the minecart continues to move, players should use a few powered rails.

Gamers will place the detector rail on one side of the circle. To power the track, they can place two regular rails and a powered rail on the opposite side.

Connect the circle, then add as many powered rails you need. Redstone blocks or redstone torch will be required to power these rails. Players can either place a minecart equipped with a chest or a regular minecart that has items inside to allow it to move along the railroad.

Players can now place redstone dust and other redstone items, such as a piston, next to the detector rail. Each time the minecart passes over the detector rail, it will turn on the item or dust.