Starter house ideas in Minecraft

December 14, 2022

Starter house ideas in Minecraft

Nearly all Minecraft players will build their first house in Minecraft to survive in the wild and at night. Common blocks are used to build a small house that is square and comfortable for them to live in.

All players have their basic house, whether they are new to the game or seasoned players who want to start a new world. A square house is more appealing to players when building a house.

When it comes to building a roof, most people choose to build a flat one. Flat roofs look the least appealing and can be dull after just a few hours of playing. These basic roof designs might be a little better for starter homes in the game.

Five of the best square roof designs for Minecraft houses

5) Temple roof

This roof can be seen in temples. This roof can be easily made by players with all four sides slanting to create an upside-down cone. It may not be the most beautiful, but it gives you more depth and design than a flat roof.

4) Slanted roof

Another way to shelter a house is with a slanted roof. You can also use slabs to create a side-slanting roof. This will give the house an unusual look, as it will look almost like a shed. Another slant can be created by players that rises from the slab's bottom, creating an upside down hut shape.

3) Simple hut roofing

This is the most popular roof design among players. You can create a hut-like roof using two slanting designs, either with stairs or blocks. Each block has a unique look. This is an easy one. Players will need to calculate the house's width and place blocks accordingly in order to create a symmetrical design.

2) Hut with chimney

Another variant of the Hut Roof is available where players can add a brick chimney. Players can create a tall brick chimney from the roof to make a fireplace and then place a campfire on a haybale block. This will ensure that smoke rises higher from the house.

1) Double hut roof

This technique is used by many players to add another dimension to their roofs. With a regular hut-shaped roof, they can create a smaller shade that protrudes from the main slant. This shade looks great in houses. Players can also make a second level and create a window using the second hut. This is one of many ways to build a roof on a square-shaped house.