1.16 Minecraft servers?

February 1, 2023

1.16 Minecraft servers?

So I was thinking about getting back into Minecraft, start casually playing again a bit, it's been awhile since I've been playing, probably a few years. It seems like Mojang kept pushing updates once or twice per years, so I guess a lot of new stuff was added.

Me wanting to play latest Minecraft servers got me thinking tho, how many servers did actually update to Minecraft 1.16. So let's check it out…

As any other Minecraft play I first checked out Minecraft servers on vote sites and the first the popped out was serverlist and results were kinda mixed at best. It seems like a lot of Minecraft servers actually support 1.16 Minecraft clients but not all Minecraft servers were updated, hence some of the new blocks were simply not there even in famous Minecraft Creative mode.

Went further and digged a bit deeper and I found GServers a site that lists Minecraft servers with version information, plugin list, etc. Looking at plugins on those servers it looks like a lot of servers are using ViaVersion which is Minecraft multi version plugin. Kinda disappointing maybe but on the other hand I'm already used of this, since I know most of Minecraft servers are slow with updates, mostly because they also have to update all Minecraft plugins.

It's not all bad tho, I managed to find some Minecraft 1.16 servers and were actually fun to play on, but most of big Minecraft servers are 1 or 2 versions behind for now. I'm sure they'll eventually catch up… looking forward to it actually